Pain and despair highlight the reality of Greece's travails

After reading this story in Reuters about the absolute despair of so many Greeks over their future, you can't help but feel for their predicament. And yet, one also wonders about the total disconnect between who they are blaming for this state of affairs and the reality that they refuse to confront; it's their own fault. A harsh judgment? Not hardly. They demanded expanded government services and got them - including the 20% of Greek workers who went to work for government under a constitition that guaranteed them a job for life. If people in a democracy are not going to take responsibility for their own actions in electing politicians who were too eager to please them and cater to the demands of interest groups rather than do what is necessary to secure the future, who else can they blame? Scapegoating the "rich," or even the government is out of line. The old saw "You get the government you deserve" in a democracy holds true. And the Greek people, uncaring of their own future and...(Read Full Post)