OWS 'movement' de-evolving

I take issue with the idea that the Occupy Wall Street Movement is growing, or "evolving," or demonstrating any sort of progress toward becoming a force of any kind. In fact, headlines across the country today demonstrate a movement that is in the process of imploding as the consequences of a "leaderless" group become obvious. The problem with not designating "leaders" or failing to create some kind of hierarchical structure that the group respects is that the natural proclivities of human beings assert themselves and instead of rationality and order, chaos ensues with predictable results. A sample of some headlines: Fox 5 News Reporter Assaulted at OWS Occupy Madison loses permit because protestors were publicly masturbating The Night Occupy Los Angles Tore itself in Two Flier at Occupy Phoenix asks "When should you shoot a cop?" There is little doubt that there are a few dozen or hundred citizens in many metro areas who are willing to take part in these protests. When they call for...(Read Full Post)