OWS in Chicago (a photo essay)

The Occupy Chicago people hang out most of the time at their sidewalk headquarters at the corner of LaSalle Street and Jackson Boulevard.  At this corner is the Chicago Board of Trade, The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the Bank of America Building.   Instead of protesting at the offices of financial institutions, the protesters should be protesting at high schools, colleges and movie theaters.  Those are the institutions that made them so ignorant of the history of the century in which they were born that they naively fall for dated and discredited Marxist rhetoric.   On Saturday, October 22, 2011 an evening rally was called next to a monumental statute in Grant Park.  Grant park is where the battles between Marxists and cops took place during the 1968 democratic presidential convention. The protestors announced their intention to camp in the park and ignore the curfew, a strategy that resulted in 175 arrests the previous week.  The Chicago Police...(Read Full Post)