Ohio the next boom state?

Ohio has had a difficult few decades, as a manufacturing state devastated by the migration of jobs to China and elsewhere. But a renaissance of prosperity and revival of manufacturing may be at hand, thanks to a happy combination of technology and natural resources. Writing in Forbes, Mark P. Mills extols the bright future ahead for the Buckeye State thanks to fracking, and the Marcellus Shale formation, laden with enormous reserves of clean-burning natural gas. A prediction.  The Ohio Valley is on track to become a hotbed of innovation.  And one which will almost certainly focus on 21stcentury manufacturing.  The catalyst for this seemingly counter-intuitive claim?  Money.  Black gold.   Ohio is about to be awash in both. Early evidence of this bright future is already blossoming on the shores of the Mahoning River in Youngstown, Ohio, where global steelmaker Vallourec & Mannesmann isbuilding a steel mill.  Yes, in America.  In...(Read Full Post)