Occupy Oakland calls for 'general strike'

The labor unions are for it. So is the city government. The question is, will "tens of thousands" of Oaklandites refuse to go to work, as organizers are promising? United Press: Flyers announcing the strike said "all banks and corporations must close down for the day or we will march on them." The flyers called for solidarity with the global Occupy movement, an end to police aggression and pledged support for local schools and libraries. Organizer Tim Simons said organized labor plans to participate. Simons said the general strike would be "the largest organization project any of us have ever been involved in," and tens of thousands of people were expected to participate, the Oakland Tribune reported Monday. Because of the diversity of perspectives, "there won't be one center of gravity driving the whole thing," Simons said. The strike has received support from local labor leaders and union members. Unions had yet voted to officially support the strike but organizers said they expect...(Read Full Post)