Obama's new re-election strategy

The Wall Street protests appeared to begin with anger over the "greedy Wall Street fat cat" bank bailouts. I was given this impression from the signs I saw saying "No More Bank Bailouts" and "F**k the Banks." With "Fat Cat Bankers" being a recurring theme used by President Obama in several recent speeches, it is easy to understand the anger people have with the bank bailouts. Despite Mr. Obama's pandering to the public's anger over the banks,  I found it very odd that none other than Timmy Geithner, the poster boy, not only for "Too Big To Fail and TARP but of pretty much all of the bank bail outs, was himself suddenly offering sympathy to the Wall Street protesters. For Mr. Geithner, who as President of the New York Fed, oversaw the New York banks as they were effectively fleecing the public by bundling and reselling the sub-prime mortgages that ultimately collapsed the financial system, to now be offering sympathy to those protesting Wall Street greed, seems, ...(Read Full Post)