Obama Lecturing On Euro Finance? Give Me a Break

Say what you will about George Soros, at least he has enough expertise as a slimy financier to put forth a solution to the Euro Zone crisis. In what has to be the most vaguely pathetic advice column of the year, President Barack Obama has offered recommendations on what global leaders must do to stop the Euro crisis from spreading to America.  You know you are in trouble when a man who has never held a productive job in his career (children are capable of community organizing)   is lecturing on finance. Even more ironic is how the political leader taking us down the pathway of Greece is now issuing a warning on fiscal calamities.  Does the President know no bounds? (Don't answer that).  From the Financial Times: When leaders of the largest economies meet next week in France, our citizens will be watching for the same sense of common purpose that allowed us to rescue the global economy two years ago from a financial crisis that was sparked by years of...(Read Full Post)