Obama and GOP Challengers Dead Heat in PA Fundraising

Don't look now, but President Barack Obama and his Republican challengers are about even in 2011 fundraising in Pennsylvania.  The near split in fundraising shouldn't be encouraging to the President.  The Keystone State has been reliably blue in presidential contests for nearly a generation (George W. Bush was the last Republican presidential nominee to carry the Commonwealth in 1988).  Could Pennsylvania go red in 2012?  At least partly?      CBS' Philadelphia affiliate reports: Pennsylvanians donated just over $3 million during the first three-quarters of this year.  President Obama collected $1.5 million of that; the rest was divided among 10 Republican challengers. The early flow of campaign dollars aren't entirely indicative of where voter sentiment will be in November 2012, but does show that Mr. Obama is struggling in Pennsylvania.  A successful Democrat president should be mopping up contributions in the Commonwealth,...(Read Full Post)