Obama an 'isolated man trapped in a collapsing presidency'

There have been a spate of articles recently about Obama the Loner, Obama the Detatched, and Obama the Isolated. Richard Fernandez has a good piece highlighting the scary idea that the president is in his own little world, walled off from reality. Maybe the President is retreating into light reading or watching entertainment the better to forget. That would be human and natural. The worst interpretation of Obama's behavior is that he's now in a mental bunker, still planning his victories, still convinced of his destiny, in an atmosphere masterfully portrayed in the movie Downfall. In that movie, a terminally defeated Hitler maneuvers imaginary armies against the advancing Red Army tide and no one has the nerve to tell him that the units on the map no longer exist. And the Red Ink tide is advancing. The New York Times - that dependable cheerleader of liberal policies - has admitted the possibility that the economic equivalent of General Steiner can no longer attack to relieve the...(Read Full Post)