Michelle Obama: Molding America's Children One Menu at a Time

Michelle Obama, a woman who has certainly been 'shaped' by what the government has provided her in the way of free meals, is now touting the benefit of having America's children's bodies and minds be manipulated by people like her husband, whose ideological bent is toward bureaucratic control and socialism. Mouthing words of concern over the health and well being of school children, the First Lady said "That's why we start with kids, right? We can affect who they will be forever."  These are words that should send shivers up the spine of every concerned parent in America.  Think of it: Michelle Obama's goal is to infiltrate not only the bodies but also the minds of children who are not hers so she and her ilk can "affect who they will be forever!" On the South Lawn, a mere stone's throw from where the 100 x 100 ongoing construction of a secret project that looks like an underground bunker/possible swimming pool is taking place, Mrs. Obama recently made her 'nudge'-style...(Read Full Post)