Jindal coasts to second term

If tragedy strikes and the GOP fails to unseat Obama in 2012, Jindal will almost certainly be considered a front runner in 2016 if he chooses to run. He made a strong case for his success as a politician by easily winning a second term yesterday in Louisiana's open primary. Bloomberg: Jindal earned 65.8 percent of the vote in yesterday's ballot, negating the need for a November general election, according to the AP, which declared him the winner. Tara Hollis, a Democrat and schoolteacher making her first bid for public office, came in second with 17.9 percent of the vote, with 100 percent of precincts reporting. Jindal, 40, is the first Indian-American governor in the nation. He was elected on promises to change the state's reputation as a nest for corruption. Within months of taking office, he won approval for laws prohibiting public officials from holding state contracts and requiring them to disclose information about their personal finances. The New Orleans Times-Picayune...(Read Full Post)