Herman Cain pulls race card on Rick Perry

The Washington Post's attempt to "macaca" Rick Perry generated a racialist response from a surprising source. Stephanie McCrummen's ham-handed effort to smear the Texas Governor relied on hearsay, anonymous cloudy recollections of events from nearly 30 years ago and interviews with black Texas residents recalling how they were treated in the Jim Crow 1950's. Ms. McCrummen is a reporter based in Nairobi: it would seem the Post could bring in someone based in Texas for this research, but perhaps the editors weren't looking for someone with local knowledge so much as someone willing to grind the ax against Governor Perry. Jazz Shaw at Hot Air accurately describes this screed as journalistic malpractice. Governor Perry's name wasn't on the lease for this property until 1997, 14 years after the offensive term was removed from a boulder outside the property.  Mr. Perry's record on matters of race is reportedly unassailable.  Which brings us to the surprising source of racialist...(Read Full Post)