General strike paralyzes Greece: vote on austerity measures nears

About 100,000 Greeks took to the streets of Athens to protest a series of austerity measures the Greek governmetn has been forced to take if they want that IMF and EU bail out money. A general strike virtually paralyzed the country with hospitals down to skeleton staffs and most public transportation at a halt. Reuters: Protesters are set to rally in front of parliament from 0800 GMT (4 a.m. ET) and will try to stay on the square till late at night, while lawmakers vote on the bill. Analysts expect the protests to continue unabated as Greeks of all walks of life have become increasingly angry at measures they feel only hurt the poorest while tax evaders and corrupt politicians remain unaffected. But commentators see no other option for the ruling Socialists, who hold 154 seats in the 300-strong assembly, than to pass the measures, a key condition to convince the EU and IMF ahead of a crunch summit on Sunday that Greece deserves to keep getting the loans it needs to avoid...(Read Full Post)