Garage Sale

My husband and I held a garage sale yesterday.  A month ago, we moved my  dear, hard-working and accomplished mother, age 87,  into an assisted-living residence.  It was time.  She had declined mentally over the last couple of years.  She is physically healthy but no longer capable of caring for herself.   The place to which she has moved is glorious; staffed with lovely young people trained to care for our elderly.  They are angels!  They keep her and her fellow residents busy all day, see that they eat well, are clean, comfortable and treated with the kindness, every moment of the day, we all wish for  our aging parents. She is thriving in her new environment, beyond our wildest dreams.  Still, we are left with the responsibility of closing her home and disposing of her lifetime of things:  patiently collected Danish figurines, lovingly used French copper cookware, books, china, glassware...the things we all...(Read Full Post)