Do-nothing Democrats

President Obama has adopted the Trumanesque strategy of trying to blame the "do-nothing Republican Congress" for lack of action on his jobs initiatives. He's only half right. In fact, as this article in the New York Post by Matt Makowiak makes absolutely clear, it is the Democrats in the senate who are blocking every major piece of legislation that has been passed by the House: President Obama last week blasted Congress for refusing to "act." He's right; it won't. But Obama ought to focus the blame where it really belongs: on his own party. Because it's the Democrats in Congress who are causing gridlock -- intentionally -- especially those in the Senate, which has been in Democratic hands for nearly five years now. Expect them to keep it up. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid survived his re-election last year with a scorched-earth campaign and is shielded from voters through 2016, when he'll be 77 and unlikely to seek re-election. He's hell-bent on making sure the Senate...(Read Full Post)