DC: What Recession?

Bloomberg reported yesterday that Washington, D.C., has the highest average incomes in the nation.  That's big government Washington, D.C., where Uncle Sam's extravagant borrowing -- pump-priming, as the Keynesians once termed it -- redounds to the benefit of metro D.C. residents.  Well, pump-priming and the permanent government class, along with the suckerfish lobbyists, lawyers, and contractors who make big bucks off government.  If the nation's capital city were a movie, it would be titled: "The Land that Recession Forgot."  No wonder Washingtonians and their suburban brethren can't connect with Joe and Jane Six-pack's pain in Akron, Ohio, or Topeka, Kansas.  D.C. dwellers aren't experiencing pain.  D.C. is enjoying fat days while much of the rest of the nation is lean -- and getting leaner.          Last year, the average household income in metro D.C. was a comfortable $84,523, compared to the national...(Read Full Post)