Christians under siege in Egypt

I have an article up at this morning about the terrible violence against Christians in Egypt that exploded in Sunday's riots that killed 25 and wounded more than 400. The violence is part of a region-wide attack on Christians by fundamentalist Muslims: These scenes of destruction and murder have been repeated all over the Middle East. Whatever one can say about tyrants like Saddam Hussein​ and Hosni Mubarak​, they feared the Islamists and kept them from causing the kind of mayhem that is afflicting Christian populations across the region. And the destruction of churches and murders of Christians are not isolated incidents. There has been a systematic targeting of Christians in Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Iran, as well as Egypt. The attacks are inspired by extremist clerics, and condoned to one degree or another by authorities. Despite Christians living and worshiping in the Middle East for 2,000 years, those communities are now in danger of disappearing. A report by the...(Read Full Post)