Carry On Borking, Say Libs

What do our liberal friends really think about the infamous nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court, that went down 58 to 42 in the United States Senate 24 years ago on October 23, 1987?  If you have ever wondered, wonder no more.  Joe Nocera just published an article in The New York Times, suggesting to his readers that if they want to know how the ugliness of today's politics got started they might look in the mirror.  "The Ugliness started with Bork" and the liberals that attacked him. Now what would you think the NYT commenters would say to that?  Would they say, yeah Joe, that was not our finest hour, and we liberals should resolve to do better in the future? Not a bit of it.  The New York Times readers are pretty well united.  Carry on Borking, they say, because Republicans are worse in the ugliness department, and anyway, Robert Bork was too extreme. I ran a quick rundown on the first 100 comments (out of 255) on Nocera's article to quantify...(Read Full Post)