Cain, Romney finish 1-2 in Nevada straw poll

The Western Republican Leadership Conference held a straw poll yesterday and Herman Cain came out on top with 31% followed closely by Mitt Romney at 29%. New Gingrich finished a suprisingly strong third with 20%.Washington Times: The results follow Mr. Cain's surprise victory in the so-called Presidency 5 straw poll in Orlando last month, which was seen as a big blow to Mr. Perry's front-runner status at the time. Since then, the former businessman and Atlanta radio talk-show host has surged in the polls, stealing a lot of the conservative and tea party support that helped Mr. Perry leapfrog to the front of the GOP presidential field shortly after he entered the race in August. Mr. Romney, meanwhile, has consistently stayed near or at the front of the pack in national polls as Mr. Perry has faded. The victory closed out the four-day Western Republican Leadership Conference, which featured the most intense debate of the Republican race so far here, with Mr. Romney and Mr. Perry...(Read Full Post)