'Breaking' Herman Cain

Democrats continue to maintain that by electing Barack Obama, they alone were the pioneering influence in addressing the dark stain on our nation's history called racism.  The day after the 2008 election, African American writer Shelby Steele penned an article entitled "Obama's post-racial promise." Steele argued that one reason Barack Obama won the election was that the idea of electing America's first black president "tapped into a deep longing in American life -- the longing on the part of whites to escape the stigma of racism."  In other words, for whites tired of being accused of racism, electing Obama provided a viable avenue of escape. Despite the historic milestone that was reached when Barack Obama was elected, the left felt it necessary after the fact to stand guard in the "Who's a Racist" watchtower, declaring their party the self-appointed Racism Police.  Ironically, what is more evident than ever before is that the left's relentless defense of blacks has...(Read Full Post)