What I love most about Herman Cain

At times, part of me wants to support Herman Cain to somehow prove to liberals that just because one does not agree with the philosophy of the Democratic Party on race, one is not a racist.  I quickly recognize, however, that this plays right into the trap that was laid for me.  Liberals bait you into the discussion of race.  Once you are in, you have lost, because by definition, having the conversation means that it is relevant.  Liberals, then win because they can keep the conversation going and nobody can ever prove that one is or is not a racist or that one was held back by racism or not. I like Herman Cain for reasons other than his skin color however as well.  I like the 'self-made businessman-turned-politician' model.  I like the fact that he comes off as more interested in straight talk than political positioning.  He isn't perfect.  I do have concerns about his knowledge of foreign policy and affairs.  To me, he can study up on...(Read Full Post)