Anti-Semitic Occupiers Equate Judaism With Capitalism

In a 2007 online interview, before heading to the White House, Van Jones stated "I couldn't be prouder to be laying my sword on the table along with everybody else in Obama's Love Army, and I'm excited about it." Now the specter of that hyper-organized well-financed "Love Army" is haunting America. Halloween is a couple of weeks away but the 99 percenters are summoning the spirits of 1848. Their rants against Jews reminds us Karl Marx, the father of redistributive wealth and social justice, used Judaism as the "yardstick of evil" against which to measure all economic disparities. Who would have believed we'd be hearing this from 21st century Americans.             "You're a bum Jew."           "You've got the money, that's why you're fightin, Jewish man."           "You can't even speak English, you  Israeli, go back to...(Read Full Post)