Air and Space Museum hit by Codepink protest

I guess that maybe they were concerned "The Spirit of St. Louis" or maybe the German Fokker D.VII would be refurbished and flown over Afghanistan. Reuters: Authorities shut down Washington's popular National Air and Space Museum on Saturday afternoon after antiwar protesters tried to enter the building and clashed with guards, a museum spokeswoman said. One person was arrested during the melee at the Smithsonian museum involving between 150 and 200 protesters and six guards, museum spokeswoman Isabel Lara said. "There was a lot of shoving going on," Lara said, adding one of the guards was surrounded and used pepper spray before the demonstrators were moved outside. She said she was not aware of any injuries. The shoving match broke out in a vestibule between two glass doors at the museum entrance after guards told the protesters they could not enter with signs, Lara said. Protest organizers said the attempt to enter the museum on the National Mall was part of the Occupy D.C. antiwar...(Read Full Post)