A Chance for a Second American Century?

By Drudge's exclusive report, former Nixon aide, Reagan speechwriter, presidential candidate and columnist Patrick J. Buchanan Buchanan appears to be going for broke with his new blockbuster book, Suicide of a Superpower, set to launch next week. A peek at the book appeared as Buchanan's Friday column. In that piece, headed "Is the New World Order Unraveling?," Pat Buchanan dissects the impending collapse of the left's  attempt to create a global, social democratic government, one led by unelected elites.  Buchanan traces the origin of this "great 20th century project of transnational elites" to the presidency of Woodrow Wilson and the League of Nations. That project is now, Pat Buchanan writes, very much in peril.  As evidence, he cites the current mess in Europe with the EU and the euro, the re-emergence of nationalism around the world, the West's religious and demographic meltdown and illegal immigration. I suspect some AT readers will disagree with many of...(Read Full Post)