40 civilians shot dead in Syria

I know you're probably inured to this kind of headline but the record must be made. We can't ignore it and pretend it's not happening. That would betray the simple human tragedy that is occuring in Syria. It doesn't matter what they are demonstrating for. Their high hopes for democracy, as elsewhere in the Arab world, will probably not be realized. But we must be witnesses to their courage - and the unspeakable brutality to which they are subjected in chasing those dreams. Guardian: Up to 40 people have been killed after Syrian security forces opened fire on protesters following Friday afternoon prayers, according to activists. Forces acting for President Bashar al-Assad were reported to have chased protesters and conducted house-to-house raids following the end of prayers in the central cities of Hama and Homs, which have seen an emerging armed insurgency. One activist, Mustafa Osso, told the Associated Press that Syrian forces opened fire on as many as 2,000 people who had gathered...(Read Full Post)