Why everyone should pay income taxes

The oft-quoted statistic, that 47% of the households pay no federal income tax, informs us that income taxes are just another wedge issue used by cynical politicians to garner votes at the expense of our society. Our country needs all its citizens contributing federal taxes, as a constant reminder that government programs are neither free nor a right under our Constitution. Many years ago, while toiling in the halls of corporate America, I was given additional responsibility as a morale officer for a large division of mid- level white-collar executives along with a modest budget for miscellaneous expenses. For those who have never worked in corporate management, a miscellaneous expense budget is just another name for an old fashioned slush fund. Woo-hoo, I thought, this could be fun. It took three "off-site" meetings (ah...three 90 minute lunches at a local upscale brew pub including one adult beverage per person, all paid for by the miscellaneous expense budget) with an appropriate...(Read Full Post)