When Community Organizers Attack

First an organizer; always an organizer. The thin-skinned Obama campaign is at it again -- on the attack against the usual enemies who refuse to acquiesce to the fundamental transformation -- Limbaugh, Beck, Perry, the Tea Party, Trump, Rove, Palin, and pretty much any other conservative already condemned to hell by the Left for daring to exercise his right to free speech.  Is there even anyone left on the Right to throw under the bus of Obama's failure? Introducing, Attack Watch -- www.attackwatch.com -- a new, and quite uncivil, low for a sitting President and his campaign, even an Alinskyite who is apparently without the honest reflection of a mirror. The watchdogs at the new Attack Watch -- fighting the smears, getting the facts -- come from the usual laundry list of progressive fronts; Politifact, Media Matters, Think Progress.  In fact, the site is eerily similar to other progressive sites that strive to spin progressivism; the rather sinister photographs of enemies,...(Read Full Post)