Was Iran behind 9/11?

I remember looking at this issue when the 9/11 Commission's report came out. There were, as the YNet article points out, tantalizing hints about an al-Qaeda-Iran connection. There seemed to be a lot of smoke, but no fire. What has been uncovered in the process of investigation for a lawsuit filed by a 9/11 widow may answer some of those original questions: At the end of the day, the commission noted in its report that the issue deserves further scrutiny by the US Administration. However, such examination was not undertaken and may have never materialized. Indeed, this entire affair may have remained buried in the three abovementioned pages, had it not been for one brave woman: Ellen Saracini. Saracini is not an intelligence analyst or counter-terrorism expert. She is the widow of pilot victor Saracini, the captain of the Boeing jet that took off from Boston aboard United flight 175, which was crashed into the southern tower. However, Ellen was unwilling to see the death of her...(Read Full Post)