US looking at jihadists in post-Gaddafi Libya

US intelligence agencies are assessing the possibility that terrorists will take advantage of the power vacuum in post-Gaddafi Libya to attempt to set up an Islamic state as well as cause trouble for neighbors like Egypt and Syria. The assessments have been made now that the revolution is winding down and key players can be identified. While some leaders of the rebellion are known to have past ties to terrorist groups, others are being analyzed for possible connections. Reuters: During the half-year campaign by rebels to drive Muammar Gaddafi from power, U.S. and NATO officials downplayed fears that al Qaeda or other militants would infiltrate anti-Gaddafi forces or take advantage of disorder to establish footholds in Libya. Since then, however, the assessment of top experts inside the U.S. government has sharpened. "It's of concern that terrorists are going to take advantage of instability" in post-Gaddafi Libya, said a U.S. official who monitors the issue closely. "There is a...(Read Full Post)