Turner's NY 9 victory upsets redistricting deal

David Seifman in the NY Post points out that the Republican gain of Anthony Weiner's former seat is more than symbolic, i.e. it means the Ninth District won't easily be gerrymandered as a result of the 2010 Census: With the state slated to lose two House seats, there was a wink-wink deal for Weprin to step aside for the Democrats, while the GOP took out one of their own upstate. Now Crowley has to find another sacrificial lamb. Turner also looms as a threat who could challenge nearby Democratic Rep. Gary Ackerman should the 9th be traded away in the redistricting scramble. The generally assumed done deal was that the Democrats would give up one seat -- Weiner's New York City District -- and the Republicans would give up one District upstate, way north of the City.  But now the victory by Bob Turner in NY 9 greatly upsets the Big Apple cart.  Will the Democrats also have to choose an upstate district to sacrifice?  Or will the NY Ninth District still be gerrymandered,...(Read Full Post)