The 'Yes We Can' 2012 Tchotchke Mart

If selling raffle tickets for dinner with the Head Honcho weren't enough to prove the Obama 2012 campaign is in need of a few bucks, selling dog collars and leashes that say "2012 Barack's Best Friend" should make it official. Souvenir items abound on the 2012 website, featuring Barack-friendly dog leashes and collars and so much more.  The idea is, whether you're walking around the block or willingly putting your head on the chopping block, everyone will know you're into "Hope and Change."  Not to discriminate in favor of canines, for the bargain price of $12 there are even cat collars for the pets of feline-inclined peaceniks that shun hawks and eat chicken.  For the chef in the family there is a $35 "Fired up - Ready to Grill" apron. The blurb describing the apron may have been inspired by Michelle Obama's affection for Wagyu beef, tailgate parties and BBQ. While grilling is always fun, a cooking method that would really epitomize the state of the...(Read Full Post)