The President Needs An Intervention

The pep rally at North Carolina State University in "Raaaaleigh" on Wednesday confirms that the president is grasping at straws to save his failing administration.  After a member of the audience yelled "Barack I love you," Obama shot back "I love you...And if you love me, you'll pass this bill, if you love me you'll pass this bill." By many accounts, Obama has lost it. He's gone nutty. As was clear from his slogan saturated rhetoric, Obama's words don't match his actions, yet there's still a segment of the population that isn't turned off by his constant contradictions. Whenever his polls start dipping, the president heads to colleges to get an approbation fix. If he can just get the love of a few thousand minions, he can keep up appearances. Yet, behind the smile he's being reduced to a paranoid politico whose end is drawing near. Just this week, Obama launched his new smear watch website  "Attack Watch."  Citizens snitching on fellow citizens -- so Orwellian. An...(Read Full Post)