The new rules

The presidential election on November 6th, 2012 will be critical to our survival as a free nation. Our national embrace of European-style socialism, our Chamberlain-esqe foreign policy and the avalanche of federal debt we have incurred enacting Keynesian economic legislation, have all congealed into an unmitigated failure of the progressive liberal agenda. Is there any doubt that thinking independents, Main Street Republicans, Tea Partiers, conservatives and libertarians must come together to boot Obama out of office? I propose "The Three Rules of 2102" that need to be pursed to insure a positive outcome in the next Presidential election. We will not allow a third party candidate to split the vote.  Remember Ross Perot? We all know how well that worked in electing Bill Clinton. If any national candidate even hints of running on a third party ticket, he or she must instantly feel the white hot anger of millions of Americans. A third party ticket guaranties Obama's re-election. We...(Read Full Post)