The Michelle Obama Derangement Syndrome?

Andrew Klavan is certainly one of the most astute commentators on the cant and circumstance of the left. He also, to his credit, is willing to level criticism at the nuttiness of the unhinged right. To wit, his recent post in PJM about the flap over what Michelle Obama did or did not say about the American Flag on the 10th anniversary of 9/11: "We should not waste this important moment on childish slanders." "But what's really annoying about silliness of this sort is how distracting it is." He is joined, as one might expect, by commentators on the left "one of the dumbest flaps I've ever seen," Steve Benen at Washington Monthly Or, from an anonymous blogger, "Kill one crackpot theory - birtherism - and [right-wingers] will breed a hundred more. And you'll never persuade them that what they believe is delusional." At risk of joining those labeled as being afflicted with the Michelle Obama Derangement Syndrome and dismissed as a wing nut, I demur. This issue is important. The...(Read Full Post)