The 'hidden meaning' found in Obama's words

John Merline of IBT has a funny, but true compilation of "code words" and phrases used by Obama in all of his speeches on jobs: When he says: We inherited $1 trillion in deficits and an economy headed for a second Great Depression. What he means is: It's all Bush's fault. When he says: Thanks to my efforts, the economy was growing until this year. What he means is: It was Bush's fault, but now it's the House Republicans' fault. When he says: We need to focus on jobs. What he means is: After $830 billion in stimulus spending, an auto bailout, cash for clunkers and several other multibillion-dollar "jobs" bills, none of which has worked, we need to try more of the same, but please don't call it a stimulus. When he says: It's time to put country ahead of party. What he means is: If you don't pass my plan, you're unpatriotic. When he says: Our politics are broken. What he means is: Republicans stubbornly refuse to act like potted plants. When he says: My Republican friends. What he means...(Read Full Post)