Strange times

We live in very strange times, when billons of taxpayer dollars quietly evaporate into thin air; when the IRS openly gives money from citizens to illegals; when massive debt is good for the government but bad for the taxpayers who have to pay the interest; when new jobs are non-existent while our media and government become hysterical over a tropical storm; when we allow Hezb'allah to establish large military and drug distribution bases in Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela that sell "white death" to our children; when electric cars come with a $7,500 bribe of taxpayers dollars and still don't sell; when black unemployment continues to exceed Depression-era levels; when unions have become the rabid dogs of the American political system; when you can't sell lemonade without a permit but the ATF can sell weapons to Mexican drug cartels with a permit;  and when you need a picture ID to board a plane, but not to vote. This Labor Day weekend I'd like to invite the thoughtful...(Read Full Post)