Solyndra fall guy named

Now we know who is going under the (Obama campaign) bus to take responsibility for squandering over half a billion dollars on Solyndra, and the choice is an excellent one, if I do say so myself.  Carol D. Leonnig and and Joe Stephens of the Washington Post write: Energy Secretary Steven Chu acknowledged Thursday making the final decision to allow a struggling solar company to continue receiving taxpayer money after it had technically defaulted on a $535 million federal loan guaranteed by his agency. Chu spokesman Damien La­Vera said in a statement that the secretary approved the restructuring agreement for Solyndra because it gave the company "the best possible chance to succeed in a very competitive marketplace and put the company in a better position to repay the loan." (snip)  "Ultimately, the choice was between imminent liquidation or giving the company and its workers a fighting chance to succeed," LaVera said in the statement, first reported by...(Read Full Post)