September 11, 1777: The Stars and Stripes First Go Into Battle

At the time of the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon ten years ago today, there was endless speculation. Our friends in the media asked over and over what we did to offend the jihadists. And many asked about the significance of September 11th? Some came forward with an explanation. You must look at things from their point of view. We learned then that September 11, 1683 a date when the Ottoman Turks were repelled from the Gates of Vienna and then began Islam's long period of decline. Possibly so, but most sources say that battle ended on September 12th.   I was reminded of the late Meg Greenfield's reaction to her fellow liberals endless searching for our enemies' motives, the ceaseless calls for understanding. Newsweek editor Greenfield was surely liberal, but she was sensible. Too many of her fellows, she wrote, if put in the stewpot, would try to see things from the cannibal chief's perspective. Right you are, Meg! Let's look at this day from Americans'...(Read Full Post)