Self-Abnegation and the War Effort

Dr. John David Lewis, author of Nothing Less Than Victory, recently wrote an excellent article entitled "9/11 Ten Years Later: The Fruits of the Philosophy of Self-Abnegation" in the latest issue of The Objective Standard. Excerpt: History is littered with the detritus of attacks by tribal gangs against civilized world powers. In the past, nations under siege rose up with righteous anger and visited the full measure of their force upon their enemies. Although they often made costly mistakes, they did not make excuses for their foes while their own city burned... They did not apologize for defending themselves. Apologetic self-abnegation, however, is the hallmark of America's approach today. Islamists attacked New York, incinerating, suffocating and forcing Americans to jump to their deaths. Why are Islamist entities who support turning Americans into "jumpers" still in existence? Why is Iran's nuclear program allowed to go on? Why is the U.S negotiating with...(Read Full Post)