Rumors persist about the health of Hugo Chavez

Some outlets like The Telegraph are reporting that Chavez has suffered kidney failure. A Latin American newspaper, translated by Fausta Wertz, says it's a bone marrow problem: El Nuevo Herald also reports that: On the other hand, the source stated that Chavez suffered from medullary aplasia, the disappearance of blood-producing cells in the bone marrow, which complicated his medical state. According to doctors, medullary aplasia can be total, affecting the production of red and white blood cells, or partial, which affects the production of one type of blood cells. Fausta is also reporting that the Venezuelan government is denying any problems with Dear Leader's health beyond the cancer he is being treated for in Cuba: Venezuela's Information Minister Andres Izarra appeared to deny the report in a posting on the micro-blogging website Twitter. "Those who should be admitted are the journalists of the Nuevo Herald, except into a madhouse (instead of a hospital)," Izarra tweeted,...(Read Full Post)