Rick Perry, the Ismailis, and an Iconic Ismaili Intellectual

While researching my forthcoming book, "Sharia Versus Freedom -- The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism," I discovered the work of an iconic contemporary Ismaili Muslim intellectual, Asaf A. A. Fyzee. As a law professor consummately trained in Western methods of research, he guided several generations of Indian students on how to prepare and present cases before the secular courts of law.  More importantly, but related, Fyzee's writings and pronouncements reveal a Weltanschauung -- revered and highly influential within the Ismaili community - germane to the near hysteria (for discussions, see here, here, here, and here) over Texas Governor Rick Perry's association with the Ismailis. Asaf Ali Ashgar  (A.A.) Fyzee (1899-1981) began his legal career in 1926, as an advocate in the High Court of Bombay, a post he held until 1938.  Simultaneously, in 1929, Fyzee began his academic career by teaching law at the Government Law College, Bombay, where he became the Principal and...(Read Full Post)