Repeating FDR's mistakes

The liberal story line is that the recent recession and anemic recovery is different from previous economic downturns. It is claimed that a "different type" of recession drives a slow and weak recovery, just like the great depression. The liberal soothsayers claim that this type of economic downturn requires the government to keep spending or we're all doomed.  The liberal narrative fits quite nicely into the leftist political view of the world, more government, more government spending, and more government control. The problem with the narrative is that it ignores the facts. Massive government spending hasn't helped us now and massive government spending did not get us out of the great depression. In fact, government interference in the marketplace and New Deal policies extended the depression by seven years and hurt millions. Our current administration's response to economic events of today is very much the same as the FDR's New Deal was 76 years...(Read Full Post)