Professor's secret life has him on the run

The students in Stephen J. Kinzey's classes at Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB) are witnessing the practical application of kinesiology.  Kinzey's current field work in fugitive kinetics has drawn the attention of  California's law enforcement community as they seek to interview the elusive professor of kinesiology about his alleged involvement in a drug trafficking ring.  Until recently Professor Kinzey was a well-respected and tenured member of the CSUSB faculty, but Kinzey's secret life as chapter president of the Devil's Diciples Motorcycle Club was discovered during an investigation into biker gang activities.  The Contra Costa Times reports: Deputies launched the "Devil's Professor" investigation six months ago while engaged in a separate probe into outlaw biker clubs. They said they found that Kinzey, 43, a chapter president for the motorcycle club, The Devil's Diciples, was also the head of a methamphetamine trafficking operation that distributed pounds of...(Read Full Post)