Postal Service on the brink

Last time I wrote about the USPS, several angry emailers took me to task for accusing the gigantic quaisi-government dinosaur of being inefficient. Well, perhaps those correspondents have a different dictionary than I do but the USPS has literally thousands of employees who sit around and do nothing - and are paid for it. Sure, it's a paltry sum - $4.3 million (it was $31 million in 2009). But if you want to talk about inefficiency, that would be Exhibit A. This is just one of the union work rules that is driving the USPS over the edge into insolvency, forcing the taxpayer to bail them out. Of course, its not all the union's fault. American's habits of communicating have radically changed over the last two decades with email, texting, cell phones, and IM's. But in the case of the USPS, you fix what you can control; and that means big changes are on the way for how the post office services us. New York Times: The United States Postal Service has long lived on the financial edge, but...(Read Full Post)