Poll: Likely American Voters Are Islamo-Realistic

A national poll of 1,000 likely voters was completed in August by Democratic pollster Pat Caddell, and Republican pollster John McLaughlin for Secure America Now. The published results indicate that unlike our media, academic, and political elites, Americans, thank goodness, are Islamo-realistic, i.e, on Sharia, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Ground Zero Conquest Mosque, and Spring Time for Sharia in Araby: Pg 145 16 Q14. - SHARIA LAW IS THE CODE OF CONDUCT OR RELIGIOUS LAW OF ISLAM. DO YOU APPROVE OR DISAPPROVE OF U.S. COURTS APPLYING ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW WHEN DECIDING CASES IN AMERICAN FEDERAL AND STATE COURTS? n=1000 Total n=59 (5.9% )APPROVE n=16 (1.6%) Strongly Approve n=43 (4.3%) Somewhat Approve n=764 (76.4%) DISAPPROVE n=94 (9.4%) Somewhat Disapprove n=670 (67.0%) Strongly Disapprove n=177 (17.7%) DK/REFUSED   Pg 130 14 Q12. - DO YOU HAVE A FAVORABLE OR UNFAVORABLE OPINION OF THE MUSLIM  BROTHERHOOD? IF YOU HAVE NO OPINION OR NEVER HEARD OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, JUST...(Read Full Post)