Political trap buried in Obama's 'jobs' bill

From Jonathan Allen who writes the Huddle column for Politico, who notes a provision buried in President Obama's "Jobs" bill: Spend $55 billion on schools for construction and 'teacher stabilization.' Almost all of the $30 billion in teacher stabilization money would essentially be block-granted to the states. However, states would have to go through an application process to get their money -- a good way for the White House to pin conservative governors into either asking for federal aid or denying extra money to their schools. States that don't submit 'approvable' applications could still get money, but the Education Department would decide where to distribute it within the state. Barack Obama is one crafty fellow. By drafting this provision he creates political problems for Republican governors who have to come begging, with hat in hand, to the Obama administration for aid to help schools.  This would hurt them among the most conservative of voters who can then accuse them of...(Read Full Post)