Plotting how to deny Obama re-nomination

As Democrats awaken to the fact that President Obama is taking their Party down the path to oblivion, stalwart liberals such as Maureen Dowd are thinking one term. Some leftists even are openly plotting how to deny him re-nomination. Writing in, lefty Matt Stoller lays out a plan: If a few of the key constituency groups in the Democratic Party publicly wondered whether Obama should run for reelection, rumblings would start. Some organized constituency groups -- say some components of the AFL-CIO -- would need to announce that their support is up for grabs, based on a clear set of criteria. Given the Obama administration's rampant anti-labor policies, this wouldn't be an unreasonable posture. And then a senior politician, like, say, a Tom Harkin, would need to decide that he would want to encourage robust intra-party debate about the party's future. Harkin could run as a "favorite son" of Iowa, and encourage people in the caucuses to send a message to the party and to...(Read Full Post)