Peggy Noonan's Faint Praise for Obama

One-time Obama cheerleader Peggy Noonan has seen the light, almost. This week's column reports that the American people are signaling a "broad rejection" of Obama, telling him "You've lost us." Noonan however can't quite give up on the man she once praised as "moderate," "mature," with "preternatural steadiness." She ends her column with "three things I've admired about the president since he entered the White House": 1. The first is that he has an intact, multigenerational family. You mean, he didn't have six kids with five different women and then abandon them? Talk about the bigotry of low expectations. 2. The second is that he isn't mean. Again, this is a low bar for a President. It's hard to judge character from a few video clips, but we have seen numerous examples of mocking churlish behavior by the President. He is certainly narcissistic, arrogant and ruthless. I'd say this combination adds up to meanness. In 2008, Noonan wrote: "The White House exhibits chastened generosity,...(Read Full Post)