Obama's Solyndra Misfire

Considering my electrical background, this administration sure has given me some easy things to write about lately.  My last piece on the subject of electrical was on the un-sustainability of the Chevy Volt and now comes the news that Solyndra, who received over 535 million in loan guarantees from the US tax payer, has filed for bankruptcy and laid off all 1,100 employees (I thought these loans were going to create 3,000 jobs?).  Once again the tax payer gets fried because of naïve policy. I drove by the Solyndra plant just last week on my way back from cleaning out a storage facility I shut down in San Jose (another story) and was impressed by the architectural detail that went into those buildings.  It's obvious that a lot of thought (and money) went into their design and construction.  Unfortunately it's what's been happening on the inside of those pretty buildings that counts in this case.   And the ugliness is now out in the open for all to...(Read Full Post)