Obama's Reparations and Redistribution Policy

The Wall Street Journal highlights one facet of an Obama race-based agenda that has guided many of his policies since becoming President. This one concerns forced integration demanded by the Housing and Urban Development department -- even in the complete absence of racism and the dismissal of studies that show minorities often prefer to live where they have pre-existing family ties and social networks. You'd think that federal housing officials these days would focus on repairing a housing market that continues to retard economic growth. Yet the Department of Housing and Urban Development is preoccupied with the precise racial and ethnic make-up of American neighborhoods, such as Westchester County north of New York City. In 2009 Westchester's then-county executive, Democrat Andrew Spano, reached a settlement with HUD that ended a lawsuit brought by a liberal activist group. The suit alleged that Westchester had accepted federal grants while making false claims about "affordable...(Read Full Post)